Jubilee Wine Selection was formed with a very simple mission in mind. Bring and sell a selection of family-owned vineyards offering excellent quality wines at affordable prices to the United States market.

After more than 8 years of developing the US market for various companies, I’ve decided to come back to France in 2017 and settled down in Brittany to start this exciting new venture.

For 18 months I’ve been chasing vineyards to build a portfolio of farmers and winemakers that will share the same core values as I do. I am proud to represent an array of talented and young winemakers that are coming on board of the family heritage. I desire to establish a long-term partnership and relationship with them.

The wines have to show the typicity of their appellation, respecting the terroir and our resources.

I strive to represent wines with authenticity, purity, balance, and freshness. Wines have to over-deliver and provide a unique pleasure to our customers.

Every day has to be lived as an anniversary …. Every day is a celebration…this is the philosophy of