Famille Fabre


The Producer

Famille Fabre has a long and interesting story. In 1982, Louis Fabre took over the 4 chateaux with a heritage of 4 centuries : documents from 1605 testify that the Fabre Family was already cultivating vineyards in Corbières. Marie (4), Louis’s sister joined the team in 1998. In 2014, Clémence (3), and Paule (2), the 14th generation, joined the team to continue the story.

The vineyard is located in the South of France, between Narbonne and Carcassonne. 40 km from the Mediterranean sea, in the Corbières area , where the wind blows as much as the sun shines. Ideal conditions in Languedoc to grow organic vines.

The whole vineyard turned organic in 1991.


The Wines

Château Fabre

Corbières – Red

Château Fabre

Corbières – White

Château Fabre

Corbières – Rosé