Parcé Frères


The Producer

La Préceptorie was created in 2001 following the collaboration of the Parcé and Legrand families of La Rectorie in Banyuls, and winegrowers living in Maury. All the vineyards at La Préceptorie are located on the Maury appellation. The most western patches (Les Terres Nouvelles) in the village of Saint Paul de Fenouillet, on the road to the Ariège, have a schist soil ideal for the dry white wines from the Grenache Gris vines.

The cellar is located on a flat hill top that overhangs the southern part of the Maury valley, in a village formerly called Centernach. It used to be owned by the Knights Templar, hence the name of this young estate : La Préceptorie. (A Préceptorie is the name given by the knight’s templar to a foundation).

At the Préceptorie they make white and red Côtes du Roussillon wines, fortified Maury wine, and also Vins de Pays

The Wines

Parcé Frères

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