Sélection Parcé Frères


The Producer

Trading…why this activity?

Firstly, the winegrower’s profession is made up of several jobs that require different qualities, aptitudes and characteristics and marketing is generally the area in which French winegrowers are the least « successful ».

Secondly, the fact that the wine is not signed is part of a more oriental conception of life. It is the result of a collective work in which each person has borne the best and the worst of himself and of the others, without wanting to put himself forward.

Our work as a negociant is above all a work of trust with our partners, we don’t just select the grape juice, we also take care of all the upstream work done during the year. 

The Wines

Hommage à fernand

IGP Côtes Catalanes – White

Hommage à fernand

IGP Côtes-du-Roussillon – Red

Le Petit Gus

Collioure – White

Le Petit Gus

Collioure – Red