Liquoristerie de Provence‘s focus is to bring ancestral recipes up to date and give birth to an authentic pleasure full of meaning and history, perfectly in tune with today’s expectations while respecting earth and plants.

Due to its fundamental traditional craft processes Liquoristerie de Provence has been labelled « Entreprise du PatrimoineVivant » (Living Heritage Company) in 2007.

2018 marks Liquoristerie de Provence’s entry into the legacy of a well-known winery: Château de Saint-Martin, a Côtes-de-Provence « Cru Classé ». They both share obvious synergies and deep fundamental values.



Melon and Almond Liquor – 17% by vol
  • Méloween: 2cl Mélopépo + Prosecco or Crémant
  • Mélo’Politan: 2cl Mélopépo + 4cl Vodka Ziga-Zaga + 2cl cranberry juice + 1cl lime juice

Fleur de Lavande

Gastronomic lavender picked between 1200 and 1600m altitude – 24% by vol
  • Lavender’Oh: 1cl Fleur de Lavande + 6cl Procecco or Crémant
  • Gin’To Lavande: 1cl Fleur de Lavande + 2cl Gin Poulpe Bleu + 12cl tonic

Fleur de Figue

Association of fresh figs and fig flowers – 24% by vol
  • Gin’To Figue: 2cl  Fleur de Figue + 4cl Gin Poulpe Bleu + 4cl lemon juice + 2cl cane sugar syrup + 12cl sparkling water
  • Jake Rose: 5cl Fleur de Figue + 1.5cl grenadine syrup + 2cl lime juice + lemon zest

Fleur de Thym

100% maceration of thyme – 40% by vol
  • Thym’Punch: 1cl Fleur de Thym + 4cl Rhum Tartuga + lime
  • Ulthymo: 1cl Fleur de Thym + 6cl Prosecco or Crémant

Bitter des Basques

France’s oldest bitters and is crafted from some twenty plants, pepped up with a hint of Espelette pepper – 17% by vol
  • L’Americano: 4cl Bitter des Basques + 4cl red vermouth + lemon juice + orange juice + sparkling water
  • Venezzio Sour: 4cl Bitter des Basques + 2cl lemon juice + 2cl cane sugar syrup
  • Manathan Whisky: 8cl Whisky + 2cl red Martini + Bitter des Basques drops


Versinthe Classique 20 years

20 plants combining the 4 main aromatic principes: Bitter plants, Aniseed with sweet flavours, Balsamic plants and Peppermint – 45% by vol
  • Versinthe Mojito: 1.5cl Versinthe Classique + 1.5cl rhum + mint leaf + lime + cane sugar + 8cl sparkling water
  • Le Baudelaire: 2cl Versinthe Classique + lemon juice + cointreau
  • Sazérac: 5cl Whisky + 1.5cl sugar syrup + Bitter des Basques drops + 1cl Versinthe Classique + ice


Double-distilled – 59% by vol
  • The Green Beast: 4cl L’Amesinthe + 4cl lemon juice + 3cl sugar syrup + water + cucumber slices and mint leaves

P’tit Bleu

Reinvented Pastis: based on star anise, green anise and liquorice sticks inspired by Provence’s blue sky and the Mediterranean sea – 45% by vol
  • 1cl Pastis P’tit Bleu + 10cl fresh water + ice
  • Bleu’Tiful: 4cl Pastis P’tit Bleu + 1cl mint + 10cl sparkling water + mint leaves
  • Made in Marseille: 2cl Pastis P’tit Bleu + 1cl orgeat syrup + 2cl lemon juice + 15cl still water

Le Pastis du Liquoriste

All Provence’s flavours: spices, vanilla, liquorice, mint and pepper accents – 45% by vol
  • On the Rock: 2cl Pastis du Liquoriste + ice 
  • Le Pasticassis: 5cl Pastis du Liquoriste + 2cl blackcurrant cream + still water
  • L’Exotique: 5cl Pastis du Liquoriste + pineapple juice + passion juice + 2cl lemon juice


Anis of yore. The recipe is inspired by 18th and 19th century anise liquors – 45% by vol
  • On the Rock: 2cl Pastis Aqualanca + ice
  • Le Tout-Jaune: 5cl Pastis Aqualanca + 3cl elderflower syrup + 2cl lemon juice + 10cl tonic + 3 cucumber slices
  • Le Menthon: 5cl Pastis Aqualanca + 2cl mint cream + 6cl orange juice + 2cl lemon juice

Poulpe Bleu

Gin from maceration of juniper berries and botanicals with its iodinated notes, lemon zest and rose petal – 41% by vol
  • Granny Gin: 5cl Gin Poulpe Bleu + 10cl apple juice + 10cl sparkling water + 2 raspberries
  • Gin Ger: 4cl Gin Poulpe Bleu + 12cl ginger beer + cucumber peel 


Grape Vodka to give a remarkable fineness enhances by a light grape taste – 41% by vol
  • Bloody Mary: 4cl Vodka Ziga-Zaga + 12cl tomato juice + 1cl lemon juice + 3 tabasco drops + 0.5cl Worcestershire sauce + ice
  • Provence Moscow Mule: 5cl Vodka Ziga-Zaga + 2cl lime juice + Ginger Beer + 6 mint leaves + lime


Rum from Trinidad & Tobago, Panama and Caribbean matured for 3 till 6 months in vin cuit barrels from Provence – 40% by vol
  • Moji’thé: 3cl Rum Tartuga + 6cl mint green tea + 1.5cl cane sugar syrup + 4cl sparkling water + mint leaves + lime
  • Piña-Cold-ada: 5cl Rum Tartuga + 12cl pineapple juice + 4cl cocunut cream + pinch of vanilla powder
  • Le Trio: 5cl Rum Tartuga + 2cl orange liquor + 1cl red vermouth + orange zest